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About us

Space T-Shirts make the best Space Shirts. Our designs are unique and eye catching. We are Space Nuts who love everything space related.

Reach for the stars for our future resides there.

Space T-Shirts are for everyone

Our brand was born out of a passion for the human journey into the solar system and beyond. 

A true love of space science, space science-fiction, and all things technical from rocketry to past missions to the heavens.

We also include shipping, we have rad earth-based transport methods!

We love making space designs for clothing.

We Aim to Please and Educate

Guilty as accused. A good-looking fashion t-shirt or hoodie that shows the wearer is intelligent and fond of space travel.  That’s it. That’s what we aim to do.  We can’t stand cringy t-shirts or inaccurate designs. We have been designing t-shirts and other apparel since 2019. 

"Great. Good quality t-shirt, excellent design, printing very high quality, delivery prompt, price was just right. My husband loves it!. "
Sydney, Australia
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